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Share your vision

Before the initial meeting, we will explore your vision by having you thoughtfully and truthfully complete our design quizz. Your answers to our questions will be crucial in analyzing how best we can help to transform your space.

• Take a moment to fill out this DESIGN QUIZZ to give us an idea of how we will help you to create the home of your dreams!

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Meet your designer

Once we have received and carefully considered your design quiz answers, we will be in touch with a needs analysis report to review with you. This conversation will ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your project’s needs, and that you are on the same page with our design team, before we proceed to design development.

Design development

This is the core of any project. Having established the objectives of your project, we will start with understanding the function of your space -- where people will linger, how they will move through the space, and what the core features are. From here, we will explore the materials, finishes, and colors that will communicate the personality of the space.

Construction and styling

At this point, our concept design will have enough detail for us to provide plans and drawings for your approval. This can include floor and elevation plans, 3D computer modelling, and a detailed palette of colors, materials, and finishes. We will help you specify the furnishings, fittings, and products that meet your needs and help your budget by passing along part of our trade discounts. Once you have signed off on the finalized plans, we will provide you with the detail cost analysis to assist you in the financing and budgeting during the construction of your home. We will work directly with all of the contractors, suppliers and vendors to manage every step of construction. Remember, it is also bests to use our long time professional contractors, suppliers and vendors.

Enjoy your new home!

The final step of our process is a thorough clearing of any loose threads, holding our vendors accountable to resolve any discrepancies or defects; and to prepare a comprehensive maintenance guide to you that includes warranties, drawings, and operating manuals. Once we have certified completion and you have settled into your space, we look forward to keeping in touch. LCH prides itself on building close relationships with our clients, and we look forward to getting to know you through this journey.

Commited to Excellence

For over 20 years, Landmark Custom Homes has been specializing in complete contracting services for residential properties throughout South Florida. It is our daily goal to provide exceptional service that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations. Integrity and reliability will always be the platform of the commitment we make to our contractors and homeowners alike.

Innovative Designs

The LCH Touch is defined by our passion for innovative design in homebuilding. Comfort, style, and quality are of utmost importance in each home that we build. We strive to exceed expectations with the use of only the finest subcontractors
& suppliers in the area as we bring top notch skill together with aesthetically smart home designs. Our commitment to craftsmanship, customer service, and timeliness has made Landmark Custom Homes a proven leader in the building industry.

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We are in the business of turning dreams into reality. 

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